M5a. Adding to Your Baseline (Preview)

Until now, the focus has been on creating the conditions for your students to go into the Learning Pit. This module looks at what to do once they are in the pit.

As ever, I’m expecting that you will be setting up lots of Learning Challenge experiences for your students. This might be through some of my team’s prepared resources or it might be with your own approaches – or both. The important thing is you’re giving your students lots of opportunities to experience the Learning Pit.

So, before proceeding with Module 5, I suggest you video record another Learning Challenge session with your students and complete Video Reflection 3 which can be downloaded from the materials section. As with the previous reflection sheets, Video Reflection 3 should help focus your attentions on the student outcomes we are aiming for.

Add To Your Portfolio

Once you have completed Video Reflection 3,  we invite you to upload the document to your Academy Portfolio using the upload assignment function below.

Click on the link below to open the PDF, then download it to your computer.  Once downloaded, you may fill it out and save your completed form.

Video Reflection 3 - PDF

Video reflection 3 - Word doc