M1b. Read & Reflect Preview

Read & Reflect

Focus: LC Book, from Acknowledgements to Section 1.2

Now is the time to read these sections of the book:

The Acknowledgements – for a sense of the people and ideas that inspired me to create the Learning Pit.
The Language of Learning – it would be worth checking this list to ensure you are familiar with the terms used in the book.
Section 1.0 – for a preview of the chapter’s key points.
Section 1.1 – for an overview of the Teaching Target Model which, in effect, was the precursor to the Learning Pit.
Section 1.2 – for a short summary of the four stages of the Learning Challenge, including examples of cognitive conflict.

Post Your Thoughts

Having watched the first two videos of this academy and read from the Acknowledgements to Section 1.2 of the LC Book, we invite you to jot down your responses to the following questions:

  1. Other than using the Learning Pit, what are some of the other ways you encourage learners to step out of their comfort zone?
  2. How do your students feel when they are confused? How do you support them with this cognitive conflict?
  3. How do you respond when your students are confused?
  4. Looking at the list in Section 1.2 of the LC Book, what other examples of cognitive conflict can you think of? Particularly examples from the curriculum?

We warmly welcome you to record some of your responses to these questions in the Learning Pit Forum as this will encourage others to engage with you and thus extend your collaboration and reflection.  Title your entry Initial Thoughts About the Learning Pit.

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