Module 5 Introduction (Preview)

Module 5 Preview
Developing Your Students' Repertoire of Problem-Solving Skills


This module will help you teach your students to:

  • use critical thinking to analyse ideas
  • identify the key features and characteristics of important concepts
  • create imaginative solutions and responses to problems
  • compare, contrast and sequence information more effectively
  • construct coherent lines of reasoning collaboratively as well as individually


  • Holistic education can be divided into critical, creative, caring, and collaborative thinking. Together, these can be referred to as the Four Cs of Thinking.
  • Critical thinking is about wondering why.
  • Creative thinking is about wondering if.
  • Caring thinking is thinking about others.
  • Collaborative thinking is thinking with others.
  • These skills of thinking will maximise the usefulness of the Top Ten Pit Tools (problem-solving strategies that will help your students to construct meaning as they climb out of the Learning Pit.