Module 1 Introduction Preview

Module 1 Preview
Introducing the Learning Pit and the Learning Challenge to Your Students


This module will help you to:

  • understand some of the ways the Learning Pit can be used to support student learning
  • identify the ways in which the Learning Pit connects with educational theory and research
  • understand the terminology associated with the Learning Pit and Learning Challenge
  • introduce the Learning Pit to your students clearly and accurately
  • use a prepared lesson to familiarise your students with the four stages of the Learning Challenge


  • An overview of the Learning Pit and the Learning Challenge.
  • An exploration of the links to other theories and models, such as Hattie’s Visible Learning (2009) and Biggs & Collis’s SOLO Taxonomy (1982).
  • Key points about how to draw the Learning Pit accurately.
  • A list of the key terms associated with a shared language of learning for using the Learning Pit and the Learning Challenge.
  • Recommended actions for trying a Learning Challenge session with your students.