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You may purchase a pass for the course, purchase multiple passes for a team, and you may add coaching options for individuals or teams. While you can sign up as an individual, the experience is greatly enhanced when you sign up with a team.  In addition to the valuable dialogue and collaboration that occurs when you compete the academy with others, teams also save money when purchasing more than 3 passes and will also have their very own online portal with access to team reports throughout the academy.


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Ways to access the Learning Pit Academy- Guidance for purchasing

INDIVIDUALS – designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Follow each module in your own time, at your own pace, and on any web enabled device. Post your reflections in the Learning Pit Forum and engage with other participants from around the world. Enter your name and select Academy only.  If you would like to join a group of Academy users for scheduled coaching with a CL team member, select Package:  Academy and scheduled coaching.  If you are interested in one-on-one coaching that would enable you to lead a group in your school and district, choose Academy only and the Coaching add-on: Personal.

TEAMS – perfect for teams, PLCs, and networks. Improve learner outcomes by collaborating locally as well as globally. Collect evidence of impact so that together, you are in the best position to design the most appropriate steps for wider implementation. Provide a name for your team and indicate how many passes you would like to purchase, then select Academy only.  You will add your team members through a team portal.  If you would like coaching for some or all of your team, see COACHING below.

ORGANISATIONS – change professional practice and create sustainable change across your whole school, group of schools, district or municipality. Build teacher expertise; develop system wide leadership capacity; and deepen learning outcomes for all students. Contact us.

COACHING – increase engagement and individual growth by adding professional coaching to your Learning Pit study. Our 25 full-time staff in six countries offer coaching in English, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. We also cover most time zones. Together, we challenge, encourage and guide you to establish and take action towards achieving your goals.  This option is available for individuals (personal or scheduled- see FAQ below for more information about these options), teams, and full organizations.  Select a coaching add on.


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General Questions

Who is the Academy best suited to?

The content of this academy is aimed at any and all educators.  Teachers will find the content and strategies to be easy to implement immediately in the classroom, leaders can use the information to support their staff, and coaches will find great insights to utilize when supporting teachers.

Will I receive feedback or have any interaction with the CL team during the course?

The course includes a forum where you will record your reflections and thoughts. This allows for participants to interact with one another, but it will also be monitored by our consultants and may respond with feedback.  If you would like more interaction with the team, consider adding one of the coaching options.

Can I complete the course with my team?

Yes!  In fact, we encourage team participation, but we ask that each team member purchase a pass.  The course is designed to encourage reflection on teaching practices, and this is best done through dialogue with colleagues.  You receive a discount when you purchase multiple passes, and you have the option to purchase coaching for your team.

What is the difference between scheduled, personal, and team coaching ?

If you are interested in joining group coaching sessions led by CL team members and attended by delegates from around the world, choose the scheduled coaching.  If you would like to have one-on-one coaching that will enable you to lead the academy with your team or staff, choose the personal coaching.  If you would like for your team to have coaching sessions that include only your team members, choose team coaching.

I am a school leader and want my staff to complete this course. What is our best option?

Depending on the size of your staff, you will receive a discount ranging from 20%-50% off of the individual price for each pass.  You may also want to consider team coaching for your leadership team, or you may contact us to find out more about system-wide coaching.

For how long with I have access to the course once I purchase it?

We suggest that you complete the course within a year, but your access will remain active until you complete the course.  If your account is not accessed for a period of 6 months, it may be inactivated, but you can contact us to re-activate it at no charge.

Course Questions

How do I provide feedback about the course content or platform?

We love feedback and appreciate any and all feedback that you have.  You may use the contact us feature that appears on the Academy course page, or you may use the contact us link in the menu to get in touch with someone from our team.

May I share the resources provided in the academy with my colleagues?

We, of course, hope that you learn new strategies and develop new thinking as a result of engaging in our academy and that you share these with your colleagues. However, we do request that the specific documents and content of the course is only used by individuals who have purchased passes for the academy.  Please note that we do offer discounts for teams who would like to complete the academy collaboratively.

Are there additional Challenge Learning resources I can purchase to assist with my course?

In addition to the Course Reader, The Learning Challenge: Guiding Students Through the Learning Pit By James Nottingham (2017) , you may find these resources to be helpful while enhancing your learning experience

How do I cancel/upgrade my course?

Please contact us to cancel or request an upgrade.

Cancellation Policy:

If you have not begun the course, we will issue you with a full refund, otherwise we will issue a prorated refund.

Are any details/submissions related to my course kept private?

Anything that you post in the forums can be accessed by all other delegates who are completing the course.  However, any uploads that you make to your academy portfolio can only be seen by our team members.

Will I receive a certificate of completion?

Yes, when you have completed all of the modules of the course, you will receive a personalized certificate of completion.

Once I complete the course, what options do I have to continue my learning journey?

Our company offers a variety of consulting options.  You can find out more by visiting our website:

Online Consultancy

Onsite Consultancy

Long term Projects

You may also check out our resource page or you may contact us to schedule a call to discuss additional options.

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