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Learning Pit Academy Preview


Preparation Module: Creating Your Baseline

This module will help you to:

  • create a baseline to compare to when tracking the outcomes of this academy
  • collect examples of student voice as a central focus for your baseline
  • create an account and set up your academy portfolio

Module One: Introducing the Learning Pit the Learning Challenge to Your Students

This module will help you to:

  • understand some of the ways the Learning Pit can be used to support student learning
  • identify the ways in which the Learning Pit connects with educational theory and research
  • understand the terminology associated with the Learning Pit and Learning Challenge
  • introduce the Learning Pit to your students clearly and accurately
  • use a prepared lesson to familiarise your students with the four stages of the Learning Challenge

Module Two: Creating a Culture of Challenge, Reasoning, and Respect

This module will help you to create a Learning Challenge culture in which your students:

  • respond positively to tasks and ideas that are challenging
  • demonstrate open-mindedness towards alternative explanations and viewpoints
  • offer reasons and examples to support their thinking using a shared language for learning
  • seek clarification and check assumptions so as to better understand others
  • show an interest in other people by listening carefully and connecting to their ideas

Module Three: Learning How to Identify Important Concepts From Across the Curriculum

This module will help you and your students to:

  • know what a concept is and how to recognise one
  • identify the most important concepts from across the curriculum
  • draw out concepts from images and texts
  • create a wide range of thought-provoking questions that can be used as the starting point for questioning sequences that take everybody into the Learning Pit
  • think about the criteria that can be used to select the ‘best’ questions

Module Four: Using Cognitive Conflict to Extend Your Students' Thinking

This module will help you to create cognitive conflict in the minds of your students so that they:

  • go beyond their first answer by considering alternative factors and possibilities
  • avoid snap judgements, preferring instead to offer more nuanced, carefully considered answers
  • examine ambiguity so as to better understand complexity
  • recognise when they are in a state of cognitive conflict and understand why this can be beneficial to their learning

Module Five: Developing Your Students' Repertoire of Problem-Solving Strategies

This module will help you teach your students to:

  • use critical thinking to analyse ideas
  • identify the key features and characteristics of important concepts
  • create imaginative solutions and responses to problems
  • compare, contrast and sequence information more effectively
  • construct coherent lines of reasoning collaboratively as well as individually

Module Six: Extending Your Adaptation of the Learning Pit and the Learning Challenge

This module will help you to:

  • make good use of the Learning Pit to encourage your students into a growth mindset
  • connect the Learning Pit with the SOLO Taxonomy to deepen your understanding of both models
  • adapt the use of the Learning Pit to better support the needs of all students
  • lead the introduction and implementation of the Learning Pit & Learning Challenge across your school
  • move from using the exemplar lessons in the Learning Challenge books to creating your own examples that are tailor-made for your students

Reflection Module: Identifying Impact and Next Steps

This module will help you to:

  • compare current student learning to the baseline to determine impact
  • reflect on student progress and contributing factors
  • determine next steps
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