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The steps you take on the Learning Pit Academy will depend on your starting point, your intended outcomes, and your commitment to taking action to enrich your students’ learning.

That said, the following stages describe the typical journey through one of our academy:


  1. Create a profile to benchmark your progress and give you a clear idea of your next steps.
  2. Collect your ‘starting point’ evidence through student voice and professional reflection.

Each Module

  1. Read module and section overviews.
  2. Watch videos by James Nottingham and his co-authors.
  3. Read recommended sections of The Learning Challenge (2017) book.
  4. Respond to reflection prompts.
  5. Take action and collect student responses.
  6. Post your thoughts – and responses to other participants’ responses – in The Learning Pit Forum.

Added Options- More information

  • Engage in online or on-site coaching.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues to build expertise and impact right across the organisation.

Ongoing Learning Journey

  1. Keep a journal of your professional and pedagogical progress.
  2. Collect further evidence of impact through video evidence, student voice, and data collection.


The Learning Pit Academy is available to subscribers.  Sign up now.

To give you an idea of just how fabulous this academy is, we have given open access to some of the sections of Module One.  Click here to preview.

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