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Welcome to The Learning Pit Academy

Discover everything you need to know about the Learning Pit, one of the best ways to help learners rise to challenges; engage in thought-provoking questions; problem solve together; and construct deeper understanding of important concepts.

An Introduction to the Learning Pit

The Learning Pit…

  • Reassures students on their learning journey
  • Offers encouragement during times of struggle
  • Explains how frustration and confusion are normal aspects of learning
  • Illustrates the steps that can be taken to move from surface-level knowledge to deep understanding

The Learning Pit: Next Steps

In this video, James Nottingham – creator of the Learning Pit – describes how to:

  • Introduce the Learning Pit to your students
  • Use the four stages of the Learning Challenge to guide your students through the Learning Pit
  • Access resources including books, posters, graphics, and lesson plans

Learning Pit:  Resources

Learning Pit: Academy

If you are ready to take a really deep dive into the Learning Pit, then this academy is for you!

Benefits include:

  • Become an expert about the Learning Pit – earning accreditation to lead to training across your school
  • Focus on Impact – boosting (and collecting evidence of) student growth
  • Join James Nottingham as he shares the most up-to-date and impressive research on using the Learning Pit to improve student outcomes
  • Access the most comprehensive and up-to-date material, including videos, chapter summaries and recommendations for next steps
  • Make connections with James Nottingham, his Challenging Learning team, and participants around the world

Ways to Access the Learning Pit Academy

INDIVIDUALS – designed with maximum flexibility in mind. Follow each module in your own time, at your own pace, and on any web enabled device. Post your reflections in the Learning Pit Forum and engage with other participants from around the world. Sign up now.

TEAMS – perfect for teams, PLCs, and networks. Improve learner outcomes by collaborating locally as well as globally. Collect evidence of impact so that together, you are in the best position to design the most appropriate steps for wider implementation. Sign up now.

ORGANISATIONS – change professional practice and create sustainable change across your whole school, group of schools, district or municipality. Build teacher expertise; develop system wide leadership capacity; and deepen learning outcomes for all students. Contact us.

COACHING – increase engagement and individual growth by adding professional coaching to your Learning Pit study. Our 25 full-time staff in six countries offer coaching in English, Norwegian, Spanish, and Swedish. We also cover most time zones. Together, we challenge, encourage and guide you to establish and take action towards achieving your goals.  This option is available for individuals, teams, and full organizations.

Next Steps

Pick one of the following options on the Build Your Own Package page, pay online and make a start as soon as you like:

  • Individual
  • Individual with coaching
  • Team
  • Team with coaching
Build Your Own Package

Email or call one of our Challenging Learning colleagues (see below for regional contacts) to design a process that will match your purpose and content perfectly.

Regional Contacts

For any questions, you are warmly welcome to contact us at any time.

Contact Us

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